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New review: Nightcrawling by Leila Mottley, the youngest author ever to be nominated for the Booker Prize
*hears Reading Rainbow themesong*
readingproject 2 weeks ago

Don't remember ever seeing this show in Australia. The song captures the mood exactly at the Reading Project as we while our days away reading books, baking cakes and dancing in the garden. Thanks for your interest!

pagespages 2 weeks ago

It was on a lot on public broadcasting in the United States. Books featured on the show would have a badge on the cover saying that they were featured on the show.

It's in a blog post on our About/Blog page this morning, but I'm so happy about finishing a project unlikely to interest anyone else, that I thought I'd say it here, too. I've finally finished indexing all 85 Federalist Papers outlines from that reading project. You can follow the links in my blog or the usual menu on the website if you are really really desperate to see what that index looks like. Have fun!
pikemalarkey 1 week ago

Congrats, that's a big job. In a recent conversation my partner said to me: 'I think you would enjoy something called The Federalist Papers'. And thanks to your project I actually knew what it was!

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New Review: Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle

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