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Interesting layout, I haven't yet seen a PDF as a site index before. Come to think of it, that could probably make things a whole lot easier to design! maybe just a little slower to load.
k7 10 months ago

It really does make things easier if you just want to upload a .docx file online.

k7 1 year ago

I know :( I feel like many of the things I posted here are not good enough, and so I thought I'd take them down until I can flesh them out properly.

k7 1 year ago

Everything's back up. Sometimes I just feel like if I'm not doing justice to the topics I love the most, I might as well not say anytyhing at all.

readingproject 1 year ago

Good to see it back up. Your website will never be as good as you envision it. Ours is never as good as we intended, and what we write might be better if we have more time. But that shouldn't be discouraging. It's what keeps it interesting. You are thinking and have something to say and that is interesting. If you feel discouraged, just leave it rather than delete it.

readingproject 1 year ago

A project like yours is creative, but it's also about intellectual growth. You shouldn't be discouraged because you know that you areyet to reach your full potential. That should be motivating you.You've donewell. Keep at it.

hastiesthandiwork 1 year ago

K7 just keep writing and talking about what you think is important, the ultimate disservice to important things is silence.


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