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Early on I did a review for Ryan North's Romeo And/Or Juliet. I did it as a 'choose your own adventure' review, in the style of the book, and put some effort in. This afternoon, as I continue to update reviews, I discovered that the links in the original review didn't work, so no one's probably ever explored the options in the review, unfortunately. I'll leave the thumbnail link below for anyone who wants to look!
New Review: The Benson Case Murder by S.S.Van Dine
bluef00t 2 months ago

I think the title is mis-printed in the first paragraph of the Camomile Lawn article.

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readingproject 2 months ago

It was indeed! Now fixed. Thanks for letting me know. There's only two of us doing most of the proof reading and I constantly find mistakes. I fix them when I find them. Let me know if you find anything else!

New Review: Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

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