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-_- we are sooo stressed. we have a lot of revived artistic motivation from october pero theater duties call. so excited for the fall play, not excited to host the talent show this year lol
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I WILL COME BACK THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new production in the works- and all of my classes are looking really good. the thing is i lack so much energy at the end of the school day. it's either a nap for at least a couple hours or an energy drink that'll buy me until 8-9. but ive been really inspired lately to put together pages! Stay. tuned.
my mom got covid so no update for a bit. gotta pick up her housework (+get ready to go back to school. blegh)
sillytime 4 months ago

she is good enough to stay home, thankfully. been baking her desserts and trying to egg her on to eat spicy stuff (she lost some taste)

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excited 2 see where this heads!!
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soooooooooooo cool ohhmhmygod
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abbenai 4 months ago

tysm!! your layouts are so beautiful, i love all your little pagedolls!!!

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loveloveloveeee the aquarium page
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my main page is naked now. argghggg
sillytime 4 months ago

no longer naked. for now

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