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Great job on the site! I've since moved to Wordpress, but I'm sure starting to miss the simplicity of hand-writing my websites in HTML and CSS. I might come back to make my Neocities site a hobby weblog.
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readingproject 2 months ago

Thanks! I’ve looked at your site a couple of times on Wordpress, but I have to admit, not for a while now. I’m always extremely busy and struggling to find time to read, let alone keep the many aspects of my site going. I try to keep up with sites I follow as much as I can. It would be great to see you back and see what you do.

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New Review: The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt
A heads up. Your link on manatees isn’t working. But the rest is working nicely😀
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chubbysquirrel 2 months ago

Oh, thanks for letting me know :D

Reading Project was approached by a publisher to do a book giveaway. We agreed to because we are happy to promote publishers and bookstores. We aren't getting money for this, just good vibes. If you want to support this you can check out the panel on our front page - you might even enter to win one of the books!
Your dog looks so placid. Our dog, Lucy, goes nuts when it rains and she can’t get out for a walk
tinypaws 2 months ago

LOL that sounds like my brothers pug mix. if it was raining out he'd glance outside an than look at you an than run an hide under the table or something in the house. Pixie however will look outside an if its raining hard pin her ears back slighly an get her 'game face' on an pee real fast an than come back in LOL if its a light rain she actually has fun running around in the rain

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