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Live interview and Acoustic performance with Adam, musician and game dev behind "swollen to bursting until I am disappearing on purpose" will be at 11:00 PM PST TONIGHT!!! Get ready ya'll!
KP Radio is returning tomorrow with a bang! We've got a live interview and an acoustic performance from Adam, musician and game dev behind "swollen to bursting until I am disappearing on purpose". It will be at 11:00 PM tomorrow, if anyone unlucky enough to not be able to catch it live, it *will* be recorded and posted at a later date. Get the calendar marked!
5 Months since my last update??? I can see the dust building up in the corners...cobwebs too. Gonna be returning in the following week with weekly broadcasts once again, maybe update my site a bit...just lemme shake off the rust x.x
empeethree 4 months ago

I go long times without much of an update. It takes a while for me to brainstorm ideas. My site started off as some silly YTMND-esque project, but then, started to look more similar to other Neocitizens, and now it feels like a hybrid Windows 95/3.1 eye candy computer lab. So I have my anecdotes to share.

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Good evening ya'll! It's time for the midweek murderfest again, but the vibe's gonna be just a bit more layed back! We'll also be talking about a new family parasitic organisms known as Occlupanids, recently discovered in grocery stores! Broadcast is at 7:30 PM PST on , dont miss this one folks! :3
Good evening everyone! Get ready for the KP RADIO midweek murderfest in only an hour and a half! that's right, i'll be broadcasting at 7:30 PM PST on, so come check it out!
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KP RADIO IS BACK EVEYRONE! We've got a broadcast at 7:30 PM PST tonight that's gonna be alot of 90s dance classics, techno, n other stuff like that! I'll also be recounting some highlights from my first furry convention, and my short but lovely trip up to joshua tree! come tune in folks :3
divergentrays 7 months ago

So bummed I missed this! I visited Joshua Tree specifically to see the Crochet Museum but I'd love to go again - it's such a delightfully artsy area!

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Good evening everyone!! It's that time of the week again! The midweek mellow out will be LIVE at 7:30 PM PST on ! We're gonna be introducing a new artist as well!

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