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omg i really love your site sooo much ;o; if you joined my RPG club it would be an honor:
Your Yu-Gi-Oh! shrine made me literally gasp out loud. The details of each card and hover effects with different holographic styles are perfection.
palemomos 11 months ago

Hi! Thanks a lot for your comments, I'm really glad you liked the page :'3

lostletters 11 months ago

For sure, I love your whole website, so I added your button to my links page:

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palemomos 11 months ago

adding you back! your site is super cute too, loved the Quilting Bee shrine! and is super cool you used jekyll to build your site, very professional!

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just updated my pic of the week and I'm going to disappear another month hehe
palemomos 1 year ago

just kidding, I'm back and want to finish all my shrines/sections n.n


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