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anolesquailsandmaybecattails 1 month ago

OMG my mom LOVES Maria Montessori!

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lolabee 1 month ago

That's awesome! Were you educated in this frame of mind??

Thank you so much for your help!! Can't wait to see what you'll add to your site! :)
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fri11s 2 months ago

very welcome :) xx

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hey hon, saw your status cafe - if you add this to the css, the layout should look correct again: .wrapper-2 {display: flex;}
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lolabee 2 months ago

Oh THANK YOU! Unbelievably kind!! :) It's supposed to be a bit more centered, do you know how i could fix this? thank you again!

fri11s 2 months ago

hehe yes of course! on the .main class, you need to remove the margin-left: 190px; and add margin: 0 auto; instead, this should make it central :D

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if someone can help me out, i can't make the css/html update... should i just wait it updates?
vencake 2 months ago

As in on here? Yeah nc sucks in regards to that. Just refresh the page(s) in the meantime

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dollzpalace 2 months ago

I find clearing my cache updates the page, I have to do it every time I save otherwise the page doesn't change

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lolabee 2 months ago

how do you clear the caches? thank you for helping me!

wildbread 2 months ago

ctrl + shift + R c:

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