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I updated my blog. It's a little raw and unedited, but I hope you find insight into your own life if you decide to read it.
New blog post~! I also changed the comment box to use virtualobserver's framework. :)
sanguineroyal 1 month ago

I hope that even if things are moving fast, you’re making the most of small moments <33 Congrats on the BA!! I remember feeling very similarly lost after earning my undergrad degree. Don’t be afraid to not know what’s next. Personally, I impulse built a site from scratch during my post-undergrad crisis, so who knows, maybe uncertainty will bring you to the next thing you love ♡

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sanguineroyal 1 month ago

The comment box isnt working, so i put my comment here :3

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I've gotta tell you. I was visitor #666 O__O
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the-rusty-zone 2 months ago

devil approved guest 👍

i added a game log! just for fun!

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