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thanks for following my fellow humans (if you're all humans, that is e_e). I have turned my attention and focus on building a more personal website at we'll see how that turns out :-----)
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Extremely good stuff going on here.
uifiosos 1 year ago

danke :-)

Gonna start slowly making this a personal/portfolio website. Will start very rudimentary but I'm slowly designing what the UI will be!! >:-D
i cant explain how much i love this
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uifiosos 1 year ago

thank you so much! your website is an absolute clown UNIT. Everything fits so nicely together super inspiring!!

like im in awe a bit because your interface design skills are brain fuel
yo holy cow this rocks it
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uifiosos 1 year ago

thank you for guiding me to pee on my poop. That has solidified into my brain for eternity. Love your website too! Also that George Michael song?! Didn't know it existed until your website. THANKS! >:P

abacus_uifi was updated.
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