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A new blog post is up, The Golden Age of Crime project page can now be found in our menu under 'Special Projects' and Toriaz has written a new short review for an obscure author from the Detective Club: The Studio Crime by Ianthe Jerrold
For anyone wondering what I'm doing with a new review format, it's specifically for the Golden Age of Crime (obviously) because Toriaz asked long ago for me to do it. All her Golden Age crime books are supposed to be a part of a Special Reading Project to be put in the menu of the website. I've just finished converting over all the relevant reviews and the next step is to design the page for the project.
I did the best I could without (hopefully) sending myself insane. Here it is, a new review: Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon
mental-labour 1 week ago

aight now do Finnegans Wake

readingproject 1 week ago

There’s a long term plan for Ulysses - I wrote about it in this month’s blog - but life is too short for Finnegan’s Wake

mental-labour 1 week ago

good luck with Ulysses! i got a copy a couple weeks ago but i haven't gotten around to it, Dubliners has been a rather breezy read though

readingproject 1 week ago

Read Dubliners and Portrait about 30 years ago. Don’t remember them now. Will probably go back to Portrait before Ulysses

pikemalarkey 6 days ago

Same here, read Dubliners and Portrait, remember bugger all : (

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