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Happy 2024 everyone! 🥳
This is a superb website, I love it 💛
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lhfm 2 months ago

I got rid of my 88x31 links to other sites earlier this year because reasons, but I've now kind of brought it back.

koinuko 2 months ago

This design is so cute! You can tell a lot of love went into the texturing even on the less-visible details, my favorite bits are the little button flaps on the hem of the shorts and the underside of the boots!

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armonicnoise 2 months ago

Dude you literally created a waifu, with some dope shoes tf <3

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cidoku 2 months ago

VRoid is fun and quite powerful, but some people make fun of it because the models most people make look generic and effortless (and also because they think Live2D is innately superior). I'm no VTuber or VR user but I've also made characters with VRoid because it's so nice, e.g.

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zanarkand 2 months ago

i absolutely love your project!! the shirt with the ribbon is cute and i love the green.

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lhfm 2 months ago

7 songz today. Passed 100 songs on this page now 😎


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