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Does anyone remember something about a new game on my list before today? Yeah, me neither.
funnyweed 2 days ago

funnyweed representation (real)

lhfm 2 days ago

Yo, the button you got is awesome, not sure why you think it's bad...

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I've recieved information that the game "Her Morning" has several errors and untranslated text; I've fixed everything I could find (huge props to my friend for testing the whole thing) and reuploaded the game.
I'm a part of the RPGMaker webring now, yay!
ophanimkei 6 days ago

Huzzah! You should totally join my RPG Maker server.. I'd love to talk to you more about your translations!

I might finish the next game before next friday. Keyword: might.
Thanks for the follow! Good luck on your Japanese learning journey!
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themachinetranslator 1 week ago

Thank you so much! Maybe some time in the future I won't need to machine translate 90% of the dialogue (。。;)

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Thanks for the follow

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