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Hello, I am... not dead, surprisingly enough. But I will probalby stay mostly inactive for some more time (school and other stuff have been getting pretty hectic). The game I mentioned last time is still in my to-do pile, even though it would be a quick work, but alas. Oh, and a possible site redesign will be coming sooner or later. Cheers!
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Next game on my list is a tad bit shorter, around 40 minutes of play time according the the page. And surprisingly enough, it's not a horror story this time!
It finally is here! The game I was supposed to finish a month ago! Go and play it, and tell me your thoughts, because I put a lot of love in this!
I'm almost done! The translating itself is completed, the only thing left is testing for typos and formatting issues.
Hello! The RPG Maker widget link has been updated! Please navigate to by 11/31/23 please. No worries if you miss the deadline! Mala can add you back in the place you were in just fine.
Since I can't seem to stop procrastinating, I added the not-yet-released game's page and made the game list more responsive. On a better note, I think I'm about 70-80% done!
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