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i put up a page for my book collection!! i really wanna change the layout for my video game side of my site too lol but perhaps another time...
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inkcaps 1 month ago

Love the new Aerith themed layout, it's so beautiful and soft!! I'm hoping to upload the first bits of an Aerith themed shrine tomorrow actually, haha ;u; Excited to thumb through your library as well <3

Your site is soooo cute!! It was so fun to peruse your tarot decks, you have some amazing fans!! (also solidarity with owning the Homestuck deck lmao) I can't wait to see what you add to it next! ;u;
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starsprings 4 months ago

thank you so much! you're way too sweet! the homestuck deck is so pretty even if it's a little weird to own it. i poked around your site and it inspired me a lot, actually. it's so beautiful!!

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inkcaps 4 months ago

@starsprings aww wow, thank you! Hearing that means a lot to me, I'm so happy you enjoyed it! ; __ ; I feel the same about the Homestuck deck! Owning it at all has like. Lots of different Layers to it, but honestly it has nice memories and meaning attached to it like all said! The art is really gorgeous... the Hanged Man is probably my favorite in that particular deck!

it only took 7 months but i finally coded something for a new layout. and it has an expiration date, which is awesome too
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starsprings 7 months ago

finally got around to updating this a little bit! :) i initially wanted to change my main layout, but i'm still attached to it lol... but hopefully you'll see a blog up finally by the weekend.

I missed the notification! Thank you so much for following!
tysm for the follow!! your site is gorgeous :O
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starsprings 11 months ago

i know this is so late but i just wanted to say thank you so much! i love your site and the aesthetic of it immensely so this made me feel all warm inside. thank you for the follow back!!!

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