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I accidentally deleted your webring post instead of replying lol, but just wanted to say thanks! Been following you since before you created the webring, and I only just joined now 😆
koinuko 2 months ago

LOL I just noticed it was gone on my feed, I was like 'wait I added lhfm right???'

Wow, Discord's gonna have "forum channels" now. Not great for old-school message boards... [ /]
sakana 2 months ago

This feels like a really weird choice.

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lhfm 2 months ago

I wanted the second half of this post to be a little longer and detailed, but I'm too lazy.

mysticscave 2 months ago look!

armonicnoise 2 months ago

I relate to this so much, my previous hard drive was full of fanarts, tutorials, music and 2008 gameplays and more, i wanted to save a lot of things from oblivion

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burypink 2 months ago

doing gods work

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saint-images 2 months ago

There was a fan MV for an 80s Japanese song, ガラスのpalm tree by Omega Tribe, that I really liked, but recently I discovered that the channel got deleted or something... But I had downloaded it earlier! I am really glad I did; it's almost as if I had a feeling it would happen.

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saint-images 2 months ago

I also have a little digital collection of mine; 25000+ pics worth of old pixel arts I downloaded with some tool from several tumblr blogs.

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