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hi! i checked, and the "made with my own two paws" button (under /animals) and the "girls now!" button (under /now) were both made by maple mavica syrup
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88by31 10 months ago

credited! thank you for telling me

Cool site! I made the "Vocaloid Now!" button by the way. No idea how it filtered all the way over here lol. Here's more that I made if you're looking for other stuff
88by31 1 year ago

credited! thank you for telling me

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May I submit some buttons? I just finished baking these, and these would fit best under the Anime > Madoka Magica section (individual links:,,,, Each of these can be seen in order in my Shiny Collection > Homemade 88x31s
finally! buttons that arent just ads! i needed some :^)
im not sure if its intentional or not but on your site the background is a bit wonky. try adding this to the body{} rule of your pages css. it will properly center the background and make it stop scrolling. you may prefer how it looks: " background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; "
blobject 1 year ago

hi i just saw this :) i couldn't tell because i keep my window size real small (my computer is little) but lmk if it works!

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