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okay. for sure when I do get back to this (not yet) I need to do the world pages first. that will be my goal when I get back to working on this. meanwhile i'm gonna mess with my haha---
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I'm gonna need to start working on the archive page too, considering I actually have interactions going on on tumblr with friends that are plot-relevant.... but for now my mind is wandering to recoding my personal site, lol.
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mm. wanting to work on a page for the goddesses. but i need to think of how I want to go about it exactly...
happ birth mikuuuuuuuuuuuu light of my life
doing the yearly(not on purpose but it's ended up this way lol) reference redoing for Kadin, and taking that opportunity to retweak their hair more for lore reasons. ...which means I will have to redraw stuff for here wheezes
as I do stuff for the tumblr ask blog, I'm already pondering how to set up / frame the stuff here. hmmmm.

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