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What's up with the neocities logo? 🤔
koyo 4 months ago

Kyle moment

hat 4 months ago

we r nonymus

An internet friend of mine asked me for feedback on a blog post draft a few weeks ago, and I just found out the finished version was published some days ago, plz give it a read!
burypink 4 months ago

very good post 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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lhfm 5 months ago

Welp, the summer 2023 anime season is over. The fall 2023 season is gonna be packed af...

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lhfm 5 months ago

Oh yeah, also, the vending machine animu is getting a second season lmao

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koinuko 5 months ago

Finally scrolled through the whole Fall 2023 calendar - personal things I'm looking forward to: Spy Family S2, Dr. Stone S3 Cour 2, Paradox Live, and will maybe check out Akuma-kun and Undead Unluck

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mikufan3939 5 months ago

man that reminds me how excited i am for oshi wa akuyaku and paralive the animation. i still haven't finished genjitsu no yohane so i should get to that before i start a new show lol

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koinuko 5 months ago

This is really interesting! 'Productive vs unproductive' by itself as a way to categorize things never completely worked for me, especially in terms of unproductivity, because so often I'd be like 'clearly I want to be doing this, so why am I not having any fun?'. I like the two axes here to better qualify certain activities. Hoping this new way of looking at things helps you find a better balance!

armonicnoise 5 months ago

Im in my 20s but since my adolecence, time is my biggest enemy and to be honest i have fear to anything related with time. It was a interesting reflexion hifumi, unironically i was thinking to have that kind of schedule to improve with certain activities like drawing or other things..

whiona 5 months ago

I really like your take on the Eisenhower matrix because it acknowledges that there are "unproductive" things that are good for the soul, and "productive" things that are actually time wasters. I might fill out something similar for myself.

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For what it's worth, your site is once again the second listing on Google when you search "block Razer Synapse"
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lhfm 5 months ago

Ha, I don't keep track constantly, but I've seen it comes and goes based on google algorithm changes.

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Thanks for the follow! Good luck on your Japanese learning journey!
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themachinetranslator 5 months ago

Thank you so much! Maybe some time in the future I won't need to machine translate 90% of the dialogue (。。;)

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