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As to translations. I did a course during honours year. We usually read four or five different translations of the one work, and they were often very different, to the point that the meaning was often subtly changed, or even bits left out (or added?)
pastelshoal 2 years ago

That's an interesting approach. Reading multiple translations (although tedious) might lead to a better synthesis of the overall content. In an academic setting, this method makes a lot of sense.

readingproject 2 years ago

To be clearer, we often read different versions of a work. They all seemed to be translations. The Faustus legend, for example: Marlowe, Mann, Goethe, even Lord Byron's "Manfred". Also things like Antigone. A book I reviewed recently, Home Fire, is an Antigone story, for example

Just went through your whole website. I love the photography. Some of it is quite haunting. The ruined room with the noose is ominous. I did super8 in a film course at university. Ours had to be short documentaries with sound and were in colour. It's an interesting experience actually cutting film.
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pastelshoal 2 years ago

Thank you again for your kind words. That room also freaked me out at first, though the noose was much too close to the ground for it to have been used for its associated purpose. Maybe hazing? And yeah, the process of truly cutting up your film to edit is just something that cannot be properly replicated in the digital world.

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