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There is so much to dissect here, you have stirred me into a frenzy. Do you know the tecpatl? Thank you for the surprise aggrotech, I saw both those bands on tour roughly ten years ago. Thank you also for reviving The Society of the Spectacle.
huracan 1 day ago

"the ruling order's nonstop discourse about itself, its never-ending monologue of self-praise, its self-portrait at the stage of totalitarian domination over every aspect of life." This has become so tangible, you could cut it with a knife.

a-com 22 hours ago

>you have stirred me into a frenzy the fact that you went into a frenzy drew me into a little frenzy as well. It always feels good to be appreciated from time to time :) >Do you know the tecpatl? I’m afraid I don’t, but from what I gathered, it looks interesting and relevant to my studies on allocative function. Aztec mythology interests me, but I have managed a flimsy understanding of it through Laurette Sejourne’

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a-com 22 hours ago

book Burning Water. Any recommendations to give for further studies? >Thank you for the surprise aggrotech Any time ;D >Thank you also for reviving The Society of the Spectacle. Who, me? Reviving the situationist international’s magnum opus? Oh no, my boy. Situationist international was never dead to begin with, it was merely laying in hibernation, waiting for someone to see its relevance once more.

a-com 22 hours ago

Sadly, though, I’ll have to renounce your words of praise, for I am in the process of making a break from situationist theory, because, in my mind, despite its relevance, it has become somewhat outdated: we live no longer in the society of the Spectacle, but in its next stage of development, namely hyperreal society of the Spectacle. It’s still not adequately enough fleshed out a concept, so I’m in the process of try

a-com 22 hours ago

trying to build philosophy that is (hopefully) going to fill in the gaps and offer a viable solution to our predicament. It might sound grand at this point, but I should warn you not to get your hopes up, as there’s still a lot of work to do and I still haven’t managed to build a solid framework for my singular observation.

a-com 22 hours ago

I wrote a comment on your page earlier, but I don’t see it atm. In case it didn’t come through, I’ll say it here once more: I really like your graphs, and I hope to see more theorizing from your part. (also, srry for bombarding you with these comments).

huracan 21 hours ago

I did receive an email with your comment but it never showed up on my page, I thought you had deleted it. There was also no notification that you followed me. Strange, but I assume that's just a bug. Are there character limits on replies as well?

huracan 21 hours ago

I can't recommend anything in particular regarding Aztec mythology but your page reminded me of the symbolic healing that the obsidian blade carries in certain cultures above the Darién Gap.

huracan 20 hours ago

There's a lot than be written but to keep it short, write whatever you can and I will be interested in reading it. Looking for a solution is all I do, and solutions are not found in isolation or in ideal conditions. Situationist theory is a dead end, but it still good to revisit it and re-analyze it. The brain is chaotic, who knows what words will trigger a breakthrough?

a-com 47 minutes ago

>Are there character limits on replies as well? It seems so. In addition, paragraphs have been turned off as well. Pretty annoying tbh. >The brain is chaotic, who knows what words will trigger a breakthrough? Indeed. The only way to find out is to try it out.

haxrelm 3 weeks ago

what did i just read?

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a-com 3 days ago

beats me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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