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Why don't you guys have a following? Read a few of your comics. Great work!
Thanks for your suggestions. A first-draft version of an About page is now up on our website. I may fix up bits of it later. Best of luck with yours
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Thanks so much for your comment about our website. I had considered an About page, but then figured no one would be interested. Have just started to put one together this afternoon. I followed your site because I was interested to see what you would do with it. Cheers
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smokestacks 2 years ago

Thanks for the nice comment.

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smokestacks 2 years ago

I would like more than just an 'About' page. I would like a 'How and Why this Whole Project came about and How We not only Read but also Reviewed and then how this website came About' Page.

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smokestacks 2 years ago

I've only managed to visit a small portion of your website so maybe all the clues are already there.

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I've created a new site button for Reading Project that replaces the old one. The old one will still work on your website if you choose to keep it.

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