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thatwhitehand 1 year ago

heh, I saw it too...

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holeinmyheart 1 year ago

literally amogus

hoylecake 1 year ago

*sobbing* that;s .t...sus

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Today I learned about the chinese phrase ๆฒ’่พฆๆณ• (mei ban fa). It has different meanings depending on the context but one of these meanings is "I can't/won't do anything about this frustrating situation." It's not a nice thing to say, but it's such a vibe lol
surenaga 1 year ago

I always preferred to stay anonymous so, when names were in any way mandatory, I was always a bit of a chimera. I definitely relate with not being satisfied with the names one comes up with, so having the freedom to change nicknames at the drop of a hat was always a welcome convenience.

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saint-images 1 year ago

Ooh, I thought you were just a huge fan of Persona 5's Hifumi Togo like I am... :D Anyway I picked my username because I love the word "images" and I wanted it to start with an "s" (idk why). I also have another 2 online handles I use on other places on the internet; they're interchangeable in my head.

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holeinmyheart 1 year ago

yun is actually my favorite new game. but that's okay, we can still get along

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