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I am honestly fascinated with how good CRT monitors look compared to television tubes. I might actually make this my main monitor over my SB220Q. Only thing that sucks is it doesn't display well over 1024x768.
thecrypt 2 months ago

i would really like to buy a CRT but i wouldnt really have a practical use for it

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Are there any wordpress alternatives which charge reasonably for domain connection? Not paying 50 dollars to wordpress for all this extra stuff I don't need when all I want is to use my own domain.
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letslearntogether 2 months ago

Is it possible to buy a domain through somewhere cheap like Dreamhost and connect it to Neocities with a supporter account?

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thatwhitehand 2 months ago

it is, but sadly i would still be paying 50 dollars a year for useless stuff I don't need. Wound up just connecting my namecheap domain to... *blogspot*. I guess I'm okay with using Google software on an empty account.

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got my old computer back, maybe I will finally update my website...
cyuucat 2 months ago

if you have the time, you totally should!

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Just found you on spotify, music goes quite hard
Screw youtube for removing the discussion tab!!! I had comments on mine from 9-12 years ago across a couple accounts.
gecky 3 months ago

youtube feels like it's trying to collapsing on itself on purpose, one feature removed at a time...

lawneet 3 months ago

I'm still mourning the loss of video replies

lolwut 3 months ago

Modern YouTube always finds a way to get worse. The site has been eroding its community and user interaction aspects for several years now; honestly, I am pretty surprised that channel comments managed to last this long. For an excellent old YouTube clone, I once again recommend VidLii.


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