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Not dead, just no clue whatsoever what I was doing with this site, or the side project. Sorry. Might catch up one day!
I love your choice of Moomins characters to ddecorate your layout. So sweet :)
One is not a nickel, but another might be :)
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kenny46140 2 years ago

Yupper, the one that's not a nickel is the quarter. I think I was suggesting you put some easy riddles like that on your page or just look some up to fight that compulsion. But, now I realize your "side project" is not what I imagined. (see other below) :)

probablynot 2 years ago

No offense :) but your idea of "easy riddles" is one of my levels of personal hell. So, no, won't be adding any pages llike that to my site!

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kenny46140 2 years ago

Umm, believe it or not it took a half an hour before I got that one. Also, the answer was revealed to me. So; "I really did NOT get it". I just raised my hands in disgust when I heard it, but it's a cute riddle for kids! :)

kenny46140 2 years ago

Hmmm... (?)

probablynot 2 years ago

"Hmmm... (?)" what? :)

kenny46140 2 years ago

Got an email from sis saying; "You wrote that wrong on there". I didn't ask her 'what', so I was looking with strained eyes last night. Just got off the phone and it's down lower on a post. I'll correct it.

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