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~ psst.... you should follow ... it'll be a lil hub for my tarot reading e-shoppe :o)!!!
hello!! i'm still here!! i've been working on a tarot reading business lately, but i'm eager to start poking around again <3 i hope everyone's been super swell so far this 2019!!
happy new year everyoooone!! i spent nye with my boyfriend's family getting winedrunk and being very silly n ridiculous hehe. 2019 is gonna be very swell imo :)
i really love your site!!! it piques a lot of my lil interests (tarot, meditation, ~alienz~) and is also very aesthetically pleasing n calming. keep it up!!! <3
starlocked 5 years ago

hey, thanks much! <3

been making lots of quiet progress on this lil neocity :~) i might have actual content to show off very soon omg!!!
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sandwichpolice 5 years ago

can't wait! your site is mad cute.

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i start my first day at my new job on tuesday !!! i'm nervous but pretty excited and kinda restless all at the same time eep
turd 5 years ago

good luck!! I'm sure it'll go well (^^)

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omg, hello fellow vegan yogi!! <3 your site is so lovely n cute. i can't wait to see more!!
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flamestep 5 years ago

thank you so much!! i love the mushrooms on your site :)

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wow i really love ur updated site layout!!! it's so aesthetically pleasing n cute <3 pink should be celebrated by all!!
neofur 5 years ago

oh yeah i feel that one. thank you!!

sicklycarpet 5 years ago

Pink is a very cheerful colour!

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i was hoping to work on my website a bit more this week but maplestory 2 is truly a lifestyle =0_0= i'm Doog on NA East, feel free to add me n check out my cute house....!!! *~.`-

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