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joppiesaus 4 days ago

Lovely article. I tried AV1, which is indeed a meme, atm not practical for anything over 30 seconds at 720p. I agree with opus; the magnum opus of audio codecs atm. and i'd say that if h265 use h264, which is 10x faster. Also, handbrake if you like a GUI. Also, a few days ago I ripped a DVD, and I must say, the quality was higher in my memory.

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vas 4 days ago

What I find funny about DVDs is that we had to invent Blu-Rays so that Hollywood could provide us with video better than SD. Dual layer DVDs are 8.5GB so you could fit 8K HEVC video in it and you'd need to do signal analysis on a computer to tell the difference visually.

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strata 3 days ago

You monster! I'd rather buy more disk space (which is ridiculously cheap anyway these days) than putting wrecked compressed gulag versions of my treasures on a single faulty flash disk.

strata 3 days ago

Clarification: not anime; that is always worthless and your method is the way to go.

vas 3 days ago

Feel free to waste your money on the placebo effect while I bask in the superiority of modern technology.

flaum 1 day ago

why store it at all? delete each filthy animu once you've shot at it

vas 1 day ago

Gotta have some CP to fap to when the internet goes out.

vas 2 weeks ago

If you read this comment, you should cancel your netflix subscription and pay 50% of it to instead.

joppiesaus 2 months ago

ayy shintel sux. AMD's rise from the ashes with Zen has really been amazing to see, destroying intel in every market segment, all coming from the FX8350, an electricity hog that was a decent budget CPU when the price dropped because otherwise it wouldn't sell.

strata 2 months ago

I had bought a Ryzen 3700x a month ago and it's probably been the most satisfying thing I've done this year. I hate Shintel with a passion, so finally sticking it to these stasi motherfuckers felt great.


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