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vas 2 days ago

more compact implementation of the same thing

vas 2 weeks ago

nothing new. flattens the site hierarchy (which saves bytes).

vas 2 weeks ago

oh yeah and the javascript is even smaller than before, but once again gzipping makes it larger not smaller but whatever

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vas 3 weeks ago

code golf. now the javascript is smaller than the gzip header it's compressed with

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vas 1 month ago

No changes. This update merely makes the RSS feed validate correctly.

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Tell me if the category selection js breaks for you. I rewrote it in functional style and the linter doesn't whine but ya never know.
vas 1 month ago

Also mangled it to save space but you can read the source here if you want to verify it isn't doing anything nefarious

joppiesaus 1 month ago

it works perfectly, I can only say I am impressed by your functional programming skills

vas 1 month ago

Thanks, I have guide in the making for all the cool functional shit I've learned and how they are useful for JS and PHP which is what most people write.

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vas 2 months ago

Posts now are categorised by topic rather than length. You can filter by topic (js required).

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otaking 2 months ago

How did you learn Japanese? Also yeah the fantasy of everyone having their own server, domain and website is that, a fantasy. We need trusted centralised authorities, no technical or organizational solution can replace trust.

vas 2 months ago and mining. Mining is when you read up text and learn every word you don't know.

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