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I really like your Celeste review, but please be careful with superlatives in reviews. Also, your site is looking great!
exosilver 1 year ago

I would argue that we're living in an age of the superlative; the polar; the extreme, but I understand what you mean. I'm sure I'll cut back in the future when reviewing games that don't strike me as strongly as Celeste. Also, I found out that the original Pico-8 game is unlockable!

exosilver 1 year ago

I very well may revisit this game when I 100% it, it's that good. But thank you very much! I'm working on it from the ground up.

jeremyredhead 1 year ago

or you can be lazy and just go to the lexaloffle pico-8 forums. ;P (alas, i still haven't even beaten pico-8 celeste...)

strata 1 year ago

@exo, I meant you can't talk about potentially better games in the future when everything is "perfect" in Celeste.

exosilver 1 year ago

I absolutely can, at the heart of it all, it achieves perfection in its interpretation and execution of gameplay and controls; a potentially better game would top what Celeste is doing here, much like how Celeste topped Super Meat Boy (which in its own right, is still near-perfect also). There can be more than one masterwork in a school of a genre.

exosilver 1 year ago

smh strata out here making me work on a super meat boy review (which makes sense since it got the best-selling switch port recently, and super meat boy forever is coming out sometime soon)

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Also, in case it's not apparent, I'm going to be reviewing games a lot more often. There needs to be at least one person around here who'll give indie developers--and readers, by not wasting their time with walls of text--respect.
exosilver 1 year ago

You know who I'm talking about and I'm just so tired of it.

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You folks really ought to play Celeste.
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