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OMGGGYOU HAVE A WEBSITE WHATTT youve been one of my favorite artists since i was like 12... LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU!THE SITE IS PAWESOME AND FITS YOUR ART SO WELL!!! ;_;<3
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hi i really love ur art
probably gonna make a page for louis wain next because I love his art and the fake narrative of 'schizophrenia ruined his art' is lame
vashti 3 months ago

What's your favorite Louis Wain piece? Mine is 'I fell in love with a lovely kitten & that kitten was myself'

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vashti 3 months ago

Second place for me is probably 'I am happy because everyone loves me'

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manulzone 3 months ago

louis wain is such a Cat Understander

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foxbugforest 3 months ago

Omg I love Louis Wain too, I'd so read that if you make one

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I'll continue on some new stuff for the site soon...I got so many ideas I'm just busy

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