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MY GUESTBOOK... If anyone has guestbook recommendations lemme know!!! (i'm gonna try to archive what's there now tho)
cinnamuff 2 weeks ago

smartgb or ayano's comment widget are ones i've seen users switching to!

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smoketopus 1 month ago

changelog: just adding lazy loading to my gallery pages, working on formatting stuff for a new media list (that will read off another spreadsheet I have, nothing to see there atm though, just want to make it funner for me to update)

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Changelog: just adding my new art for the past couple of months (Less than you might expect, between two cons i was wiped ;; i need to upload all my comms at some point tho, haven't done that yet). But! I'm adjusting how I do my RSS feeds so the images should show in your reader of choice now (idk if other people are using my rss feed but I use rss feeds so!)
Changelog: updated gallery to have everything so far, updated portfolio to have newer stuff, updated con page for tfcon 2024 (need to get pictures of my setup once i get my magnets for my prints..... might not be able to get a complete picture until i set up at the con ;;)
Changelog: adding a new initial frontpage! it's a bit of a mess atm (graphic design is my passion) but i'm hoping to tweak it more after i get back from tfcon

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