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Waaaaah I love your index page! It's so prettyy :):) I also really like how you display your Miku collection :3
I LOVE UR FISH so so very important 2 me it makes me wanna work on my sea creature shrine now
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getcubed 5 months ago

hehe thank youuu! fish>everything. cant wait to see your shrine!!

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all the fish graphics on your home page omg... truly perfect vibe
wrenni 5 months ago

THANK UUUU im so glad u like !! i luv fish.....

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love your site so much!!! the layout and theme is so cool ^w^
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doqmeat 6 months ago

thank you!!! your site is super cool as well <3

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wrenni 7 months ago

im so proud of it i think it looks very Gorgeous to me......

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I RANDOMLY FOUND U ON GOATLINGS?!? i just thought that was Crazay ! i'll try to send u something from ur wishlist if i come across any of those items !!
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magnapina 7 months ago

OH WOWW That is crazy!!! I havent been on too much lately (need to remember 2 check it more lol) but thank you sm for looking out for my wishlist stuff!!!!!!!

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