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frogtama 3 days ago

some new songs for the check out this song thing

ah nice ^^ yeah i watched them on courage raincoat first too, but these rips have stuff that isnt on their chanel (and viceversa). oo_okokokok on twitter ripped them, theyre on this drive (its missing the 1st one but thats on yt)[]
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frogtama 2 weeks ago

awesome, thank you!!!

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hi i saw you wanted to make a page abt shouta aoi & wondered id you wanted the p3 stageplay backstage stuff? since he plays the protagonist and all. (i got the actual plays too, but i dunno if you want to sit thru 12h of an untranslated play just for 1 person lol)
frogtama 2 weeks ago

the stageplays were actually a big part of how i got into him in the first place, i think i've seen almost all of the songs and backstage clips that there are on youtube lol. but yeah i'd like all the backstage stuff, how do you want to send it?

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