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GIFTS ARE UP!! Please check them out when you have time! ☆
armonicnoise 7 months ago

I cant, i just... i cant with this koinuko, its so damn beautiful

Final update! Thanks for your patience. I sent another round of e-mails, but in the meantime, some friends offered to draw replacement gifts in case I don't get responses. I will post here again and send an email to all participants when gifts are uploaded, likely in the next day or two.
I still have not received several submissions, so the reveal will have to be put off for a few days while I wait for answers and have some backup gifts in the works just in case I don't get responses. Sorry for the inconvenience, I will try to make sure this gets resolved soon!
22/26 submissions have been received so far - I will be contacting the rest of the participants again today and trying to get responses/information on when the last submissions will be sent in. The 18th might not work out for the reveal after all, so I will keep everyone updated.
Final gift submissions are closing today! I have the deadline 'set' in three more hours, but it probably won't be until later tonight (or even tomorrow) that I start e-mailing people to gather up any last-minute submissions. The reveal is planned for the 18th. I will let everyone know if that needs to change!
ocartswap 7 months ago

There was an issue with the submission form earlier today (my own fault lol). It should be working now!

There's another three days before the deadline for final submissions (Feb. 15th)! Make sure to contact me if you think there will be any issues with getting your submission turned in on time!
Hi, just reaching out for a question related to the Art Swap! The user drawing a gift for you was wondering if you had a color reference of Jack, or just a palette for his skin/eye color! If you could reply here or send an e-mail to me that would be much appreciated!
troy-sucks 7 months ago

ah for sure! heres a ref: and his eye color is hazel-ish!!!

troy-sucks 7 months ago

the one in the middle is jack


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