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YEAH BABEYYY EVERYONE DID SO GOOD!!!!!!!!! everyone has such fun artstyles and made such nice art....... this was so much fun!! thank you for organizing this!! (also kitty if ure out there.... the drawing u did for zap and spark is REALLY cool i love it sm!!!! they are in the collage..)
plasticdino 2 months ago

omg yay I'm so happy you like it!! ❤️

OK THIS KICKS SO MUCH ASS.... EVERYONE DID A FANTASTIC JOB & it's so cool to see how each character was interpreted!! drawing charlie was a delight (REALLY COOL CHARACTER DESIGN) (I LOVE BRIGHT COLOURS) this was a LOT of fun
pocl 2 months ago

+ newt i LOVE your take on kera'tiv and the feel was spot on!!! WHAT a cool scene oh my GOD.. and i love how you drew their terrible zipper teeth

pleurodelinae 2 months ago

Thank you so much !! <3 it was so fun drawing them!

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aaaahh it's so cool to see everyones art!!! this was such a fun event, thank you for organising it!!
snail-legs-art 2 months ago

also jack your art of lilac is so cute!! I love it, thank you! :D

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