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neonaut 10 months ago

I love moss. What sort of light do you give it? Is the moisture in the terrarium enough or will you have to periodically add to it?

nightcity 10 months ago

It depends on the time of year. In winter, they will be just fine on a windowsill. But in summer, my windows get plenty of sun, so I will probably move my terrariums elsewhere. Personally, I like to make sure the moss and substrate is nice and damp (but not sodden) before I put it all together. That way, I don’t actually need to add any additional water.

nightcity 10 months ago

A well-balanced sealed terrarium should have condensation on the cooler side of the glass, but the rest of the glass should be mostly clear (if it’s not, there’s probably too much moisture present). They are well sealed, so I don’t expect they’ll need more water for some time. But if necessary, you can always add a little more water with a spray bottle. After that, you just keep an eye on it.

nightcity 10 months ago

That said, some moss species are hardier than you might think. Lots of moss here in the UK grows on very exposed walls and can survive drying out for a time. Hope that's helpful to you.

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