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dude your original music slaps!!!!!!! im vibing listening to Bittersweet right now ~(˘▾˘~)
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alexorcist 18 hours ago

thank you so much!!! i appreciate it a lot ♡✧˖⋆

alexorcist 1 day ago

yayy, finally got around to talk about my new song!! im kinda proud of it (˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶). let me know what y'all think !!

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i have been not only been working on the marketing for my next single/music video but my cat got sick and i've been barely sleeping to keep an eye on him. he's been doing well, we got another visit to the vet on sunday, wish him luck!!
alexorcist 2 weeks ago

hoping i can get back to posting here more regularly!!

alexorcist 4 weeks ago

playlist of the month is up and im quite happy with it, im finally on time too, hehe

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alexorcist 1 month ago

I made a blog entry about my song Acid Machine!!! you guys can check it out on youtube and soundcloud!! -`♡´-

getcubed 1 month ago

sounds sick! was moving my head to it the whole time lol

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