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this website used to be ''dogshitboy'' but i rebranded it again, hi
It's been almost a week again since I've updated my site with anything- I don't know I'm losing passion again. I've gained new passions though, I'm on my path to become a musician and I've been painting like theres a fire under my ass. Art is kind of taking over my life so im sorry if this page goes away one day.
glitchedguts 3 years ago

live ur life however you like :)

I'm thinking about changing my pseudonym again-- I mean I don't have a super huge following yet so I don't really care about keeping it consistent so I like just... fucking around with it
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I don't feel like this is a worthy enough thing to put in the dream log but i had a dream where i was in a mall trying to get out and there were a bunch of really off the shits people with weapons and one of them sliced through my body from my shoulder down to my underboob like butter with a katana and i could feel the adrenaline and the pain of it? ive never been sliced open so i dont know if it was accurate but it
noahorrorshow 3 years ago

... very much scared me in the dream. It didn't bother me when i woke up but it was kind of like... huh...

noahorrorshow 3 years ago

body reveal i'm a person with underboobs

noahorrorshow 3 years ago

and a shoulder. at least one of those

woh boy its been 5 days since I updated- I'm actually for real starting to get better now

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