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Your website is so cool! I'm seriously impressed, it's awesome. I really love the angled scroolbar+screen on the 2DS page (and on the christmas one?), I've never seen the perspective property before so it was cool getting to read about it. The design is so pleasing too. Cool :D:D:D
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nyanseong 2 years ago

ah thank you so much!! the DS page is def my favorite <3 btw i love your 3d renders, i'm also just learning so i'll check out the tutorials you linked + i'd love to see if you do more renders~

I love your site!! Gort is so cute, and your wardrobe is so nice.
replied to your reply under my post! Thank you for being so kind x
danmu 2 years ago

No prob! Saw on your page that you worked it out in the end, looks good! Well done on passing your B2 Chinese exam, 好好学习,天天向上!!

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weirdfeelings 2 years ago

:'-) 谢谢朋友

This is so cool. I've never been able to get my head around Three.js, not too sure why, but this is awesome! Really nice to look at!
Nice website!
danmu 2 years ago

Thank you!! I really enjoy yours, hardware dev looks fun.

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