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YAY 20k views!!! That's so cool that so many people have visited the site I put so much time and effort into! Sorry that recently I haven't been very active with updating my site, but you know life sort of happens. I will be back sometime to add more things and to keep working on it! But thank you everyone for visiting my site at all, that's awesome :D was updated.
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federiefederi 1 month ago

Hi, cool website and cute little game too! (Lainagotchi) looking forward for your next project! ...follow for follow~? it would help a lot!

14k views is insane! I never thought my site would even reach that! :D I appreciate every view, every message in chat, and especially if you're reading this right now! Thank you! :D And sorry that I haven't been updating things much lately, I've been busy with college, work, and life!

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