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bluef00t 10 months ago

trying to implement a better mobile navigation system. be patient, it is not easy

bluef00t 10 months ago

I DID IT and now I'm laughin' because it took a screenshot of my page during a disastrous attempt to rectify the sidebar issue and that's how my site is represented now

bluef00t 10 months ago

Not a content update, just fixing some stuff that made text in tables very difficult to read. Man, the more I look at my CSS the more I realize I really have to redo it from scratch at some point.

bluef00t 10 months ago

I lied I'm actually adding new links now

things hosted on seem to be broken...
team3000 10 months ago

Thanks for the heads up! This should be fixed now.

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ohhhh snap 10k views on my weird little tmbg-obsessive site huh! I'd do something to celebrate if it wasn't finals week at the moment
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