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Is there a simple way to know how many HTML pages are on your site
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bluef00t 10 months ago

A quick-and-dirty manual count says 45 but probably only 35 are actually accessibly linked-to content

jackomix 10 months ago

one way could be to use a website downloader. it'll get all the pages that anyone on your site could get to.

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bluef00t 10 months ago

any suggestions on one to try? I've googled em before but struggled with getting one to work

nugget 10 months ago

httrack is easy to get workdnd

rivendell 10 months ago

If you have access to a unix terminal and the neocities CLI... `neocities list -a | grep .html | wc -l` (without the backquotes) should work

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(finishes my tmbg page) ah, finally, what a timesink. well, time to do something even more outrageous to make a lemon demon page
ufology 10 months ago

tysm!!! can i ask if the button at the top of the sidebar is usable for linking?

bluef00t 10 months ago

I don't know what you're asking exactly but I'm going to say "yes of course"

:0 I passed 50k views at some point when I wasn't paying attention, way cool
happy spirit phone day -_+

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