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Well, animal crossing's fanbase is on fire right now
Alright, made an alternative button for this site
Jeff Bezos looks like a thumb
has anyone here ever tried making a flash site using some emulation software?
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x-tremeproject 3 days ago

The only one I can think of is Ruffle but that only specifc for game for now. Don’t know about flash site sadly.

haxrelm 3 days ago

Well, I'm sure once ruffle is at least compatible with AS2 then we can see some flash sites being emulated

x-tremeproject 2 days ago

They currently working on AS3 right now so that an plus.

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I legit thought Gachalife was some Gaia Online ripoff
x-tremeproject 5 days ago

The name is almost the same as well, which can be confusing for most part.

therealmofabsurdity 5 days ago

When in reality its a fucking hellhole of degeneracy

x-tremeproject 5 days ago

Since when it wasn't?

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goddamn you got a sick site idk why i waited till now to check it out. im still updating my site offline but eventually ill have other peoples' 88x31s on there as well as mine

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