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There's no lore behind this "next dimension thing" I just thought it sounded cool
haxrelm 11 hours ago

In hindsight it's kinda funny how these "transmissions" are just some teenager (me) talking shit

I wanna try something new on my site. Like, make comedic articles a la Fact Fiend
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haxrelm 12 hours ago

Gonna keep the whole rambly feel my site has, just longer. Probably going to take more advantage of the iframe on the homepage

The Haxrelm was updated.
21 hours ago
haxrelm 21 hours ago

Font has been upscaled for better readability. Also, expect a new design later.

I cannot wait for Hollywood to make a shitty sequel or remake of clowdy with a chance of meatballs just to bank on nostalgia because originality should not exist anymore apparently
haxrelm 1 day ago

seriously, why do they need to make a sequel to space jam, just put the original on streaming

These RSS feeds are great, I don't get why tech corperations abandoned them in favor of user accounts
bytemoth 1 day ago

because if someone's on the website the ad companies can track them and that's more profitable

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The Haxrelm was updated.
2 days ago
haxrelm 2 days ago

Okay, the audio sounded kinda crusty

Well, looks like i'll be hardly needing Helm anymore. Synth 1 has a less harsh sound.
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The Haxrelm was updated.
3 days ago
haxrelm 3 days ago

Synth 1 sounds much better. And has more features than Helm

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