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browsing sites on neocities be like: is this some ARG bull or is it a really creative standalone site that I just don't Get
cubertown 9 months ago

im the latter i swear

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bluef00t 9 months ago

HOORAY it's the Invader Zim rambling I've been working on for a week!

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bluef00t 9 months ago

I'm sorry that I put an exclamation point after every single update. I'm just excitable and love having a Web Site

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hifivesoup 9 months ago

owen this is so beautiful 😭😭😭

misread your url for a second and got excited
smotheredhope 9 months ago

nah im a skinny puppy nerd so my url totally had to reflect that

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Changed my site's primary font from Lucida to Verdana for..... reasons! It looks more readable to me this way! Also I've gotten sucked into Invader Zim this past week so expect a rambling page about Irken biology! Why am I shouting! Aaaa!
geouniversal 9 months ago

I had an affair with verdana for years. never let me down

eyesonthelens 9 months ago

Welcome to the Verdana gang!!! <3

Do you have a site button?
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ollissuer 7 months ago

UNFORTUNATELY... I do not. :^(

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