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i wore lolita today, went to the library bought one of my dream dresses off of lacemarket, and voted for the prelims in my state....!! today was a rly exciting day!!
teddybear-halo 10 months ago

also apologies for not updating my site properly, i'd love to do a proper return soon but rn life is so crazy...more family complications :( love& miss the community so much though, thank you SO much for all of the follows!! ♥♥♥

teddybear-halo 10 months ago

dammit, i meant to use more commas... '*went to the library, bought one of my dream dresses...'

Hey, for some reason none of the main navigation links work on the enteringthedream.html page when using Firefox or Internet Explorer. They seem to work on Opera, though.
teddybear-halo 11 months ago

oh geez...seems you're right...i haven't the slightest clue why. how worrisome... :\ i don't know css very well, but the sensitivity of the buttons is kind of weird--even in Chrome and on Opera you have to click directly on the text for them to work. i'll consider going back to old-fashioned links, i think. thanks for the heads up, much appreciated! ♥

quokka 11 months ago

Put the anchor tags on the outside of the button instead of on the inside.

quokka 11 months ago

or use onclick to redirect.

arkmsworld 11 months ago

HTML specs don't seem to like the idea of a link inside of a button, but, like quokka says, you could put the button inside of the anchor tags(even if it does work on Chrome). See here -> You could also just ditch the button tags and style the anchors to give them the same look.

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arkmsworld 11 months ago

Buttons are really meant to be used if you're attaching them to a Javascript onclick event. But that would be complicating things more than is necessary for a page link...

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