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teddybear-halo 7 months ago

this update took a lot out of me... ;__; fixed some code here and wrote a big ole entry about how much i love neocities, basically !! thank you again for enjoying my site, everyone, it means so much to me ♥♥♥

empeethree 2 weeks ago

this is awesome

i'm seeing DJ S3rl tomorrow night & i'm losing my mind !!!
roachparade 8 months ago

omg, i envy. i love his stuff, and have since the early 2000s! :') have a good time.

teddybear-halo 8 months ago

ohh~ i thought i would be able to find another S3rl fan here on neocities :'))) he's awesome! his music makes me super nostalgic, i'm so stoked to hear it in person. not sure where you're from, but he's on a US tour rn? thank you so much!! ♥

roachparade 7 months ago

alas, i'm from the uk. hopefully he'll be here at some point though! (also i meant 2010s not early 2000s. oops)

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i wore lolita today, went to the library bought one of my dream dresses off of lacemarket, and voted for the prelims in my state....!! today was a rly exciting day!!
teddybear-halo 8 months ago

also apologies for not updating my site properly, i'd love to do a proper return soon but rn life is so crazy...more family complications :( love& miss the community so much though, thank you SO much for all of the follows!! ♥♥♥

teddybear-halo 8 months ago

dammit, i meant to use more commas... '*went to the library, bought one of my dream dresses...'


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