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Hey! Welcome to NeoCities!
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Sad to hear 123guestbook is shutting down. Glad I went with smartgb instead. Edit: I'm curious why it is shutting down?
mosesshtar 2 weeks ago

No idea why it's shutting down, but that sucks!!!

Cool stickers!
Greetings passenger, your presence is welcome. We are honoured for you to have chosen us to propel you forth into the unknown. Warning - all passengers are reminded to bring along extra balls to the table tennis club as they keep getting incinerated by cleaning droids.
OH MY WORD! Easily the best one I've seen! Holy smokes!
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I wonder how I can improve my page?
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Before you posted in my guestbook, have you really tuned in to WebSDR? What are the odds of that?! xD
cyclopamine 3 weeks ago

I HAVE!! WebSDR is the best online shortwave radio imo! I have a small shortwave radio but WebSDR is always so much better

sonicbluecore97 3 weeks ago

Agreed! It's more precise. Still, I can't believe I've stumbled upon another online shortwave radio listener here! Do you also have a Discord, too?

Cool page.
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irl-wereboy 3 weeks ago

eeee tysm :D

sonicbluecore97 3 weeks ago

You're welcome!

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