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Is it ok to ask a question? I'm looking for places that do unabridged audio books, mainly in the sci-fi and fantasy genre as I'm starting to find reading print books difficult due to changes in my eye sight. Thanks.
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readingproject 1 month ago

I don't listen to audio books, so I'm not a great source of information. Of course you've heard of Audible, but beyond that I'd be doing internet searches myself to find out. Maybe someone on Neocities will see this and have a suggestion for you?

blagi 1 month ago

I'm not sure what it is like in your country, but in mine some libraries have physical audiobooks, as well as subscriptions to services that offer digital ones. Ask your local librarian and see if there's anything that helps!

pikemalarkey 1 month ago

Free legal option > Internet Archive, Librivox, Youtube. Pirated option > search for 'unblockit', you'll find them both on general sites and under 'books'. Paid for option > idk, Audible/Spotify(?)

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nohappynonsense 1 month ago

pike droppin the true knowledge

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bright-eyes 3 weeks ago

Thanks. I did find one in the UK called Listening Books which is made for folks who have difficulty reading. I'm still OK with reading, but low light and small print are problematic. I got a magnifiier but all that does is give me an headache and our local library doesn't have a large collection of audio books. Audible is great, but it can be expensive, espeaically if you aren't a member. I've been using it for about

bright-eyes 3 weeks ago

a year now. Books on CD are expensive (think of Wagnar's Ring Cycle on CD and you get the picture.) Alot of books were abridged too in physical format so you miss a lot of story. (I guess it was to cut costs because a large tape/cd collection is expensive to produce.) I'll put links on my site to collections as I find them so it will help out others.

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