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I was reading the 'favourites' page and that passage in Foucault's Pendulum was precisely the one that made me refuse to read it. Now I feel that maybe I was too hasty in dismissing it...
readingproject 4 months ago

I’ve heard others say the same thing. But be patient with it. The first chapter sets up the story well and the rest is really intriguing. Eco can be a little heavy with erudition, but this is actually a lighter read than The Name of the Rose in my opinion.

readingproject 4 months ago

Maybe I need to pick a better quote

readingproject 4 months ago

And I’ve neglected that page for a long while. I haven’t even added Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin series yet!

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pikemalarkey 4 months ago

I think I was also quite young and judgmental when I first came across it. Will give this a real go at the next opportunity!

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