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eggdev 2 days ago

oh my god someone else listened to imonster?? that's so cool!! I personally really love the Goodbye Sun track :3

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ophanimkei 2 days ago

yes i think they were on my spotify wrapped last year. i listened to them a lot at one point though now I tend to repeat Monster Soup and Neveroddoreven when I listen. Goodbye Sun is good. I really like A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars in general

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Good evening! I saw that the RPG Maker Webring code updated, so I added the updated code to my site and would like to be readded. I also changed my URL / domain since I was first added, so that might need to be updated as well. Please let me know if there's any issues! ^-^
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ophanimkei 4 days ago

Hi ^w^ I've updated your link and readded you! Thank you for contacting me :D

starlitseas 6 days ago

glad you had fun!

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Hi! I noticed that your webring widget does not use the script on the page. As a result, the webring circle is broken! It's important for the script to be copy pasted to keep everything connecting. Please let me know when you've updated your script. It's located here! ^w^
zipfian-distribution 1 week ago

Hi, sorry about that! It should be fixed now.

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ophanimkei 4 days ago

Hi again :-) It's still not showing the webring properly on my end. Is the script not working for you?

zipfian-distribution 14 hours ago

The script seems to work on my end, I just copied and pasted it directly from the page, but the copy and paste scripts available on the website do not include the navigation buttons when I use them.

Hi! I noticed you have the wrong variables file on your webring. It's linked to the old file and as a result, the webring isn't connecting properly! The new variables file located here If you could let me know when you've fixed it, that would be great!
andou 1 week ago

it should be fixed now! sorry about that!

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ophanimkei 1 week ago

yay thank you!

your website is so cute!! and aahh.. noticed you applied to rpg maker webring!! i'll get on that!!
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