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eager-pupil-entertainment 17 hours ago

Tried to make this a bit more accessible, but I don't know what I'm doing, so I have no clue how effective it is! Apologies. I will continue to try to better the website as my skill and understanding improves, and accessibility is something that will be included in that.

eager-pupil-entertainment 17 hours ago

Also, trying to use a fraktur font (because Germany, yeah), but the letter Ks are killing me, I do not like them. But this font was easier for me to read than the old one, so I changed it out anyway. I'll just avoid using Ks LOL

Hello! So I checked it out, and your site is really lovely! As someone who also was once a child, The Leaf Snake really spoke to me. Thank you.
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kaleidiope 2 months ago

Ahh, thank-you so much TvT This message honestly kinda made my day, thank-you so much for checking it out! (also, 'Aw Rats!' looks like such a cool project and that logo is super creative!!)

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What an exciting website! I look forward to your game progress.
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eager-pupil-entertainment 2 months ago

Oh my! Didn't expect anyone to check it out yet! Thank you for doing so! I will do my best!

The rust on my bones will not be the end of me, but goddamn is this inconvenient.
eager-pupil-entertainment 2 months ago

I have fixed it. Background is back up! ...Finally...

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