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mysticscave 3 weeks ago

That is a great story, actually very inspiring too that a sort of patience led to a nice moment for you.

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ophanimkei 2 weeks ago

thank you! sometimes i worry this little joy is silly, but it brings me great happiness

Neocities keeps changing my stylesheet back to the old version. Has anyone else had this issue?
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getcubed 1 month ago

idk if you use firefox, but if i update/change my stylesheet, i often have to check my site in another browser than i usually use or just clear cookies to actually see the stylesheet changes

frequency-modulator 1 month ago

This happens to me pretty often unfortunately. I find that you have to hard refresh the page sometimes to see any change (ctrl + shift + r on Windows, cmmd + r on Mac)

ophanimkei 1 month ago

I clear my cache everytime (hard refresh), but the actual stylesheet is reverting. I checked on a different computer today because I assumed it just wasn't loading from my phone. It's happened 3 or 4 times now.

ophanimkei 1 month ago

Nevermind I'm just sleep deprived haha

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Hi, the figure zine I'm running has opened applications. Looking for artists, article writers, and photographers. You have to be 18+ to apply :-)

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