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So I just unearthed a treasure trove of content from my very first website, on an old CD dating back to 2000/2001...All the original anime shrines I made are there, so I could feasibly do remade versions for all of them... 🤔
jlehr 2 years ago

I have 57 sites since 2000 all archived that I'd love to start hiding on here

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slippy-effugium 2 years ago

That'd be pretty cool to see!

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nostalgic 2 years ago

The code is pretty messed up (I was like...11 at the time when I first created it) so it's going to need some serious editing if I ever release it publically!

hawaii1999 2 years ago

omg that sounds amazing! it must have been so cool to find that

Welcome to Tokyo! also you are a featured site and a landmark if display the graphics please link back
neo-neighborhoods 2 years ago

oh and annilinks gets the awards too...

nostalgic 2 years ago

Thank you so much! Could I ask that you remove the quotation marks from the sites' titles? I only added them in the form so that it was clear they weren't part of the description ^^;

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